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Preparing for a Changing Healthcare Environment
October 7, 2014

yle="margin: 0px; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS'; min-height: 14px;">The future of healthcare includes a common industry phrase called Triple Aim.  Triple Aim, a concept developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), describes an approach designed to optimize health care delivery.  Triple Aim challenges healthcare organizations to simultaneously pursue three important goals:

  • Improve the patient care experience,
  • Improve the health of the population, and
  • Reduce the per capita cost of care.


For healthcare providers, this requires ambitious reorganization at all levels of care delivery with the goal of building a more integrated delivery model.  In order to redesign the way we deliver care, Nanticoke Health Services is already making significant changes, from the role of our primary care providers to the infrastructure at the hospital to the expansion of outpatient services.  All these changes are designed to continue to put patients at the center of all we do.  So, you can feel good about choosing Nanticoke as your home for healthcare.


Redesigning Primary Care Services 


Primary care providers are becoming team leaders, helping patients and families develop comprehensive care plans across many patient care services.  Helping patients find additional resources, medical equipment, and financial or transportation support services is now an essential part of the primary care provider’s role.  Monitoring specific health conditions and finding opportunities to reduce future health risks is also at the center of the new Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model.


Where needed the Patient Centered Medical Home model establishes a partnership between the patient, family, primary care providers, care coordinators, specialists, a case manager, and community service agencies.  Working together, this team is able to better manage chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension, work together to reduce future health problems, give attention to preventative medicine, and connect patients to resources, even those outside of the primary care practice, to reduce gaps in a care.  The PCMH concept provides higher quality care through strengthened physician-patient relationships.  More proactive, coordinated care often results in more personalized, effective and efficient medicine.



“A key component of becoming a Patient Centered Medical Home is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR),” said Dr. Harry Anthony, Medical Director for the Nanticoke Physician Network.  “Nanticoke Physician Network implemented an EMR system a few years ago.  Using the EMR, healthcare providers working within the Network can seamlessly and transparently share information about a patient, flag potential health risks or overdue screenings, and provide better communication and easier collaboration.  This has resulted in better care outcomes for our patients.  Using an EMR makes it easier for a healthcare provider to be more proactive in meeting a patient’s needs.”


“As an organization, we are very proud of the Nanticoke Physician Network and the efforts made by all its team members to ensure our patients have access to quality healthcare,” said Thomas Brown, Senior Vice President of Nanticoke Health Services and President of the Nanticoke Physician Network.  “The team has worked tirelessly to continue to finds ways to move patients to the center of care and help them take control of their health.” 

The Nanticoke Physician Network has received the highest level of recognition as PCMH by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), receiving a score of 96.5 out of 100 for each of its primary care locations.  This is the highest recognition given in Sussex County.


The Nanticoke Physician Network has received the highest level of recognition as PCMH by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), receiving a score of 96.5 out of 100 for each of its primary care locations.  This is the highest recognition given to a provider in Sussex County.  And, Nanticoke Memorial is in the top 25% for integration of health information according to HIMSS, the national expert in Health Information Management.  


Building the Infrastructure for Change: Expanding Access to Care

Not so long ago, patients from Seaford would have driven 30 minutes in one of three directions to get care for a number of specialty services.  Today, that drive is not often necessary.  Nanticoke Health Services includes over 150 providers practicing in more than 40 specialties.  

In the past year, Nanticoke has opened two Immediate Care locations; one at 200 Rawlins Drive, just across from the post office in Seaford, and a second in Georgetown at 505 W Market Street.  Very soon, Nanticoke Immediate Care will open a third Immediate Care location on Route 13 in Laurel.  Immediate Care centers provide an important component of an integrated health system.  These locations are available to help patients with a minor illness or injury when their primary doctor is not available.   

Nanticoke is also working to centralize health care services in key locations throughout its service area, making it easier for patients to access the care they need.  Nanticoke recently opened the first of three Health Pavilions.  The Nanticoke Health Pavilion Georgetown includes Nanticoke Immediate Care, primary care services, several specialty providers, and walk in lab and x-ray services.

Following on its heels will be the Nanticoke Health Pavilion Laurel.  Scheduled to open soon, the facility will house services including Nanticoke Immediate Care, primary care services, women’s health, and walk-in lab and x-ray services.  

In September, Nanticoke broke ground on its largest project, the Nanticoke Health Pavilion Seaford.  This facility, also known as the Mears Health Campus, will include services already available at this location including walk-in lab and imaging, Nanticoke Immediate Care, and Nanticoke Rehabilitation Services.  In addition, it will centralize physician offices currently scattered around the Seaford area.  Physician specialties housed in this facility will include primary care, urology, gastroenterology, pulmonary and critical care medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, and nephrology.  The new building is expected to open in about 18 months.

A New Look for Nanticoke Memorial Hospital 

Putting patients at the center of care, high quality and patient satisfaction are also crucial to the future of Nanticoke Memorial Hospital.  In addition to the integration of technology and the implementation of the EMR, the hospital is undergoing a physical transformation.

Nanticoke Memorial Hospital is nearing completion of a year-long project to convert all patient rooms to private rooms.  The planning process for these rooms included input from many but most importantly from past patients and from the nursing team.  Together they designed rooms that take into consideration patient mobility and safety.  In addition to patient rooms, many key care areas have been renovated, redesigned and updated for patient comfort.  

Nanticoke Memorial Hospital is also paying considerable attention to energy efficiency and environmental conservation. As renovations and upgrades occur throughout the hospital, upgrades allowing Nanticoke to be energy efficient and environmentally-friendly are being incorporated.  Nanticoke has already seen energy savings estimated at about $300,000 during the first year.

As services and access to care centered around patients continues to be a driving force for the future, look for more exciting changes to come.  Nanticoke is working hard to be your home for healthcare.

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