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First impressions tell clients your business is successful
July 1, 2014
 Businessmen and women, an impeccable exterior lets your customers know yours is a successful company. Does your parking lot give a good first impression, or is it full of cracks and ruts? A well-maintained parking lot is safer and can reduce your exposure to lawsuit. If your driveway or parking area is dry, faded, worn or cracked, Driveway Maintenance LLC can make it look like new.

Based in Seaford, Del., Driveway Maintenance is a fully independent business serving all of the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. The owner, Richie Hawkins, has 20 years’ experience in asphalt work. He started the business 10 years ago with an eye to becoming the best in customer service in the industry on the Shore. “I’ll do it by doing the right thing,” he said. With a fleet of six trucks, Driveway Maintenance can handle anything from a driveway to an airport runway.

Hawkins’ services include asphalt paving, maintenance, sealcoating, resurfacing and striping. Beyond that, Hawkins offers “asphalt rejuvenation.” Just as the term implies, rejuvenation restores the original appearance and gives new strength to an asphalt surface. 

Using a proprietary product made from tar, aromatic oils and specialty solvents, rejuvenation makes the asphalt more flexible and less prone to cracking. The rejuvenator cannot be applied to asphalt that has previously been sealed with water-based products; it requires a “virgin” surface. 

While a sealant lies on top of asphalt, this product penetrates below the surface to chemically revitalize and protect the asphalt binder by replacing tars and oils lost due to oxidation. 

Rejuvenation also seals the pavement against air, water and chemical contaminations, extending the effective service life of the pavement. It’s like a fountain of youth for asphalt — and it’s approved by the FAA and the DOT.

Hawkins offers a three-year performance warranty with the rejuvenation process and recommends application every three to five years. Asphalt rejuvenator has restored over 5 million square yards of asphalt throughout the United States. It has been tested by the Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Canadian Army Forces.

With specialized computer-controlled equipment, you will get an even coat applied to the surface. Driveway Maintenance can rejuvenate 60,000 square yards of asphalt in a two-day process. Weekends are not a problem.

If your asphalt has already been sealed but needs attention again, Driveway Maintenance can apply Seal Coat, a flexible barrier coating.

If the pavement has deteriorated to the point of needing repair, asphalt resurfacing is an effective solution. The asphalt may need to be patched before resurfacing. 

A standard asphalt resurfacing consists of a new layer of surface asphalt applied over the existing asphalt surface. The thickness of the new surface is determined by the amount of traffic as well as individual customer’s needs.

If the asphalt has deteriorated from a lack of maintenance, overuse or simply living past its life expectancy, it’s time to remove and replace. If needed, after the old asphalt has been removed, more base stone or base hot mix could be added before applying a new layer of surface asphalt.

Asphalt is susceptible to the actions of nature. From the first day, air, water and ultraviolet rays from the sun cause oxidation. 

Oxidation leads to loss of bitumen — the oily, resinous fraction of hydrocarbon molecules. That, in turn, allows water and other contaminants to begin to erode the surface. Left untreated, the surface begins to crack. If water gets into those cracks this winter and freezes, it will expand, making the cracks worse.

Don’t wait for signs of deterioration. Proactive maintenance is always the most cost-effective approach.

“You’ll save money in the long run by taking care of your asphalt now,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins has simplified the bidding process so that it’s fast and easy — for residential properties, homeowner associations, commercial, municipal, even multi-site projects. 



For a quote, call (302) 628-3436, or for even faster service, use the online form at You can also reach Hawkins by email at

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