Fidelity keeps generators running across Delmarva

January 1, 2014

yle="text-indent: 0px; margin: 0px;">Like many of us, Jim Slechta of Fidelity Power Systems remembers when generators were called upon solely to provide emergency lighting when the power went out. That isn’t the case any more. With so much technology in both residential and commercial buildings that depends on electricity, people want to power the whole building, Slechta said. “Nowadays, power is such an issue. We have an aging, overloaded electric grid that no one is funding. On 9-11 we learned what happens in a terrorist attack, that we could lose a grid. A lot of it is life safety — so people can escape a building — but they also want to keep their business going.”

That’s where Fidelity Power Systems comes in, as one of the nation’s largest distributors of Kohler Generators and Power Systems. Fidelity also does more maintenance and service on generators than most other competitors combined, Slechta said.

Fidelity serves Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. “We offer a full line of commercial, industrial and residential emergency power systems, including stand-by generators, automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, rental generators and replacement parts,” said Slechta, who is president and part owner of Fidelity.

Slechta has been in the generator business his whole life. He started in 1975; went with Fidelity Engineering Corporation, based in Sparks, Md., in 1982, and started the generator division for the corporation then. 

Fidelity Power Systems works with local engineers when they’re designing new buildings to help size the appropriate generator system and pick a location. “Normally the generators we sell are about the size of a large automobile. We provide them for sewage pumping stations, potable water systems for towns, a lot of out-patient surgery centers and schools... They range from 8 kilowatts to 3 megawatts. It’s a long, involved sales process,” he noted. “Most jobs take years to come to fruition.”

Service, however, needs to be immediate. Fidelity has facilities in Springfield, Roanoke and Richmond, Va., and in Sparks, Md., and was expanding east. As the number of generators in use increased, working out of Baltimore wasn’t sufficient. “We decided we could give customers better service from the Shore,” Slechta said. “We needed a building, and a person to answer the phone, so we opened a branch in Seaford, at 25600 Business Park Drive,” he continued, adding that members of the service team often respond from their homes. “We have a lot of generators along the shore, in Ocean City and Bethany Beach, for example — high rises, water treatment plants, poultry processing ... there are generators everywhere! People can’t be left six hours without a generator. They need power.”

Fidelity’s award-winning service team is staffed with factory-trained and authorized service technicians who can handle any kind of generator, any brand, any size. To schedule service for your generator, or to inquire about a generator system for your building, call 800-787-6000 or visit

Slechta noted that Fidelity does sell a line of home stand-by generators, but only to dealers, who then market them to homeowners and provide service for them. 

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