Cardiology Services at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital

October 3, 2012

Would it surprise you to learn that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 42% of adults in Sussex County have high blood cholesterol? High cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease and the higher your cholesterol the greater your risk for a heart attack. Each year we lose more than 350 of our family, friends and neighbors in Sussex County alone to a heart attack.

“Heart disease includes a variety of diseases affecting the heart and is a leading cause of death in the U.S. as well as Sussex County,” says Dr. Ivan Pena, interventional cardiologist with Nanticoke Cardiology, PA in Seaford. “During a heart attack, the time it takes for a patient to receive treatment is very important.  The sooner we can diagnose a patient and open up blocked arteries, the better the chances the patient has for recovery.” That’s why providing an around the clock interventional cardiology service is so important to the residents in western Sussex County.  

Prior to 2009, patients in the area having blockages had to travel 30 minutes or more to receive care. With the arrival of Dr. Pena to the community in 2009, Nanticoke expanded its cardiac catheterization services to include interventional cardiology procedures. But, even after opening the interventional cardiology program at Nanticoke, having only one lab meant having one physician treating one interventional patient at one time.   

Now, Nanticoke is expanding cardiology services again. This expansion began with the opening of the second cardiac catheterization lab this past June and also includes the addition of a second interventional cardiologist this fall, meaning very soon Nanticoke Memorial Hospital will be able to provide 24/7 interventional cardiology services to the community.   

“All the hard work of our physicians and our entire cardiology team is finally becoming a reality. The addition of Dr. Gabriel Sardi, a second interventional cardiologist joining Nanticoke Cardiology, means that the hospital should not have to again divert patients because a cath lab or a physician isn’t available. This is a huge step forward for Nanticoke and for the residents of western Sussex County. We thank everyone who has supported this project,” said Steven A. Rose, president and CEO of Nanticoke Health Services.

Nanticoke Memorial Hospital provides patients access to the latest imaging system available from Toshiba America Medical Systems.  “When it comes to interventional procedures, it is very important that the imaging system provides an outstanding image to give the cardiologist the best possible view of the heart,” says Dr. Sardi.   “Working with an excellent team in an excellent hospital cath lab is one of the reasons why I chose Nanticoke Cardiology and Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. I know that my working in the Seaford community will positively impact the lives of many people.”

Interventional cardiology is a medical specialty that treats heart disease by diagnosing and treating the mechanical function of the heart including performing procedures like angioplasty (inserting a tiny balloon through a catheter that is inflated to clear blockages) and stenting (inserting a small wire mesh tube to open blocked arteries), allowing blood to again flow freely and the heart to function more efficiently. 

For more information about cardiology services at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital, visit or call 629-6611.


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