Turning ideas into marketable products
May 23, 2012

pan class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: 'Lucida Grande'; font-size: 19px; ">We are “solutioneers” - specialists in turning ideas into marketable products. When it comes to delivering active ingredients, no other company offers the range of solutions and expertise that we have at ActivTech!

ActivTech in Seaford, Delaware specializes in providing solutions for delivering Active Ingredients. Whatever the active ingredient (a fragrance, hair spray, cleaning agent — you name it) we offer three different methods of application: Aerosol, Liquid Fill, or Porous Media release systems.  None of our competitors has the portfolio and breadth of solutions that ActivTech provides. 

Creating this portfolio of effective solutions has taken more than 40 years.  It all started with a company that relocated to Delaware 15 years ago, called Rite-Off from Long Island (New York), bringing 30 years of aerosol experience, more than 800 formulations and a legendary history of innovation with them.  

Add to this history an engineering team that cannot be matched by any of our competitors and you have a perfect mix for success.

We bring more than 200 years of engineering experience to the table every time we develop a new product.  We have a PhD Organic Chemist on staff, two professional engineers, two Post Graduate Chemical Engineers and a global sales team of industry veterans with engineering backgrounds and certified QA “Black Belt” credentials. 

Then add to this history and the engineering team significant manufacturing resources, a 38,000-square-foot plant, three modern automated aerosol lines, two liquid filling lines, and a porous media production facility and Voilá! — our clients suddenly find a partner with an unsurpassed combination of resources ideal for product launches and manufacturing partnerships.

Contract packaging has developed across three manufacturing platforms, ActivAir (aerosols), ActivPack (liquid perfumes, detergents, etc.) and ActivMedia (writing instrument nibs, fragrance release systems, porous media). Additionally, ActivTechnologies markets its own brand of products under the “Olimpia” and “Cristal” brand names to very narrow market niches for industrial and maintenance applications sold directly to end users.

Here is a little more information about each of our manufacturing platforms.

Aerosols with ActivAir

ActivAir features three new aerosol lines less than five years old with the capability to fulfill and label from 1 oz to 22 oz containers. Full capacity in the facility is 100 million aerosol units. An on-premise tank farm of five 2,000-gallon storage tanks enables ActivAir to produce and fill orders both large and small. 

Liquids with ActivPack

ActivPack utilizes two new liquid filling lines with the ability to fill virtually any liquid viscosity. Full capacities of the lines are 60 million liquid packaging units.  ActivPack offers compounding and batching in any sizes with fills starting at 3 oz. 

Media with ActivMedia

ActivMedia features a brand new porous media production line to produce custom molded, three-dimensional porous plastic media. Pore size ranges are from 5 to 100 microns, with porosities between 20% and 60% void volume. ActivMedia also has an impregnation capability to imbibe porous media with active ingredients such as fragrances or inks. Full capacity for nib production exceeds 150 million units a year. 

ActivNIBS and ActivApplicators are available without tooling charges in a variety of sizes for writing instruments and cosmetic applicators. In addition ActivMedia proudly patented a new method to apply images to porous media for scented media products, which have been used by many companies as a way to advertise and further support their brands. 

Activ- Fulfillment

ActivTech offers fulfillment for existing products, private label designers and contract packaging. With the ability to keep sellable stock on hand in the large 10,000 sq ft in-house storage facility  ActivTech offers a wide range of turnkey products ready to ship.  

Another exciting feature of ActivTech is where the plant is located. Seaford, Delaware is within three hours drive of 33% of the population of the United States and within an overnight drive of more than 50% of the population of the United States. Seaford is also within a two-hour drive of three major marine terminals (ports) that handle more than 300 million tons of cargo a year. This is more cargo than all the rest of the ports in the U.S. Also, Seaford, Delaware is within three hours drive of four major refineries — the best concentration of refineries on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. This makes our plant ideal for production and product fulfillment. Many of our clients store their product at our warehouse for direct shipment to their clients. It saves them money and valuable time.  

ActivTech is fully insured, inspected and compliant with codes and certified by the EPA. ActivTech does not use any CFCs or other ingredients in their products that degrade our planet’s ozone layer. ActivTech is fully committed to environmental stewardship. 

Case Study 

ActivTech takes great pride in their quality, flexibility, speed of execution and creativity. While many companies shy away from small quantity initial runs, ActivTech will ramp up to any initial volumes and invest in its clients’ futures. Our “ramp up” speeds are legendary in our industry. Last year around Christmastime, a major hair products marketing company asked a number of aerosol packaging companies to formulate and ship literally hundreds of thousands of a complete new product line that needed launching before the end of the year. After hearing NO from everyone else, we at ActivTech were the only ones that would do it and actually did it! Everything from ordering ingredients, to improving their formula, designing shipping containers and setting up quality control systems was done in a two-week time frame over the holidays and we met their product launch goals. There wasn’t a single blemish or quality defect in any of the product shipped.  It was simply perfect. It’s unbelievable – but we did it.

Without sounding modest or arrogant, I think it’s fair to say the team at ActivTech is an incredible team.  We relish challenges and opportunities to show off our capabilities with our actions – not just words. Give us a chance to prove to you how good we really are!

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