ServiceXpress offers full service staffing solutions

February 7, 2012

pan class="Apple-style-span" style="font-size: 9px; font-family: Times; ">When it comes to staffing, ServiceXpress is a “full service” solutions provider. That is no coincidence, because ServiceXpress grew naturally from the company’s core business in providing services to support the working communities in Southern Delaware. In essence, the company is more effective at recruiting and placing staff for its clients because its employees interact in so many ways with the local community. 

Here’s a brief history of how it all developed. In 1990, ServiceRentals (a sister division that manages rental properties) started renting apartments and providing housing to folks working in local industrial plants. Responding to the tenants’ needs, in 2000 ServiceRentals opened a new business to provide Laundromat facilities to assist tenants with day-to-day living.   In 2001, in further response to the tenants’ needs, the company added a financial service center to help tenants pay their utility bills and take care of other core needs. Soon after that, the financial service center was integrated with the existing Laundromat — all under one banner, Service General Corporation — to establish “neighborhood service centers” in Georgetown, Laurel, Seaford, Millsboro and Milford.   Upon request, financial service operations expanded to on-site services at several local industrial plants. In 2006, identifying an opportunity to help these plants find employment help, Service General founded ServiceXpress, adding a dedicated staffing agency to the company’s growing service portfolio. It turned out that having more than 10,000 client-visits a week at the retail service centers provided the perfect platform to help local communities find work opportunities and at the same time help local businesses quickly find the labor they needed.

It was a great idea!    Five years later, ServiceXpress has become the leading provider of staffing solutions for a variety of clientele on the Delmarva Peninsula. The staffing company serves manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, warehouses, food service organizations and many more, with a multitude of job functions.  ServiceXpress strives to develop business solutions based on trust, mutual respect and sound ethical practices.  By providing temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct recruitment services, the company offers flexible solutions to match any and all of their clients’ specific needs.  ServiceXpress will listen. Its employees are more effective than any other staffing vendor because ServiceXpress has unparalleled intimacy with the local communities it serves.  ServiceXpress views itself as an extension of the local businesses it serves – a true partnership.  With more locations than any of its competitors, ServiceXpress embodies the largest and deepest pool of candidates in the region.  Furthermore, with careful retail office placements, each ServiceXpress location is within walking distance of its employees’ homes, contributing to overall convenience.  

Each location is operated by a local owner/operator, truly capturing a feeling of closeness within the community. ServiceXpress is embedded with the people and the clients it serves. As a result, ServiceXpress is able to provide it clients with higher-quality candidates more quickly than any other company! No other staffing company provides or can provide the range of services that ServiceXpress offers its employees. Through its business affiliates, ServiceXpress brings an established employment support infrastructure to bear, including housing, check cashing, bill payment and other prepaid service systems that employees typically need.   ServiceXpress employees, in effect, have a nurturing, caring and supporting system that in the end guarantees better attendance and performance for business partners. 

The personal bonds and connections formed with people within the community, coupled with the benefits offered to every member of its company, allows ServiceXpress to attract and retain the very best employees. ServiceXpress is proud to be a leader regionally in offering its temporary employees health insurance from the day they sign on. This is truly unique and demonstrates how deep its commitment to serve local communities truly is.

Although the company’s employees may be temporary employees working at a client site, to us, they are permanent employees whom we place year-round with different assignments at different client sites. This has made ServiceXpress unique also in having one of the lower unemployment insurance rates in the region; once again, that shows our deep commitment to the community. It’s truly a win-win-win for everyone: our employees – our clients – and ServiceXpress. ServiceXpress knows that employing workers is expensive.  Through payroll taxes and filings, lost time due to injury, worker’s compensation claims and lengthy unemployment hearings, the costs to employers can skyrocket. ServiceXpress realizes that with all of that, companies lose not only money, but valuable operational time. ServiceXpress does all the work for its clients: recruitment advertising, thorough interviews, background checks, drug screens, e-Verify, taxes and filings, payroll, worker’s compensation, general liability and unemployment claims, so that the client can focus on the important issues, employee training and retention. 

ServiceXpress offers customized solutions at very competitive rates that lower any businesses total operating costs.   With state-of-the art customer records management software, 24/7 service support, same-day-service commitment  and an experienced, bi-lingual recruiting staff, ServiceXpress can quickly and efficiently streamline clients’ staffing needs by always improving operations. This operational commitment is constantly reviewed by outside consultants, industry benchmarking activity, membership of national associations and ultimately with audits by outside regulatory bodies. ServiceXpress is proud to be able to say that it has been recognized as a leading-edge, best-practices staffing company through these regular review processes. Clients can be confident and secure working with ServiceXpress, knowing that it truly is at the leading edge of the staffing industry. Again, when it comes to staffing, ServiceXpress is a “full service” solutions provider for a variety of clientele.  Through fast and effective methods, ServiceXpress can provide companies with quick fulfillment of employment needs.  With ready delivery of employees to work on time and ready support of any and all employment related services, ServiceXpress can and will significantly reduce costs and concerns for the clients they serve.  When you think ServiceXpress, think “Quality Candidates Quickly.”

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