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December 7, 2011

In 1997, Tim Smith and Alan Cole set out on a course to build a company by providing businesses and organizations with valuable web-based tools to help them achieve their goals. Tim had a corporate management and business development background with a degree in business. Alan is a gifted systems and software architect, and decorated combat veteran with a military intelligence background who was awarded the bronze star. Over the next decade and a half, what began as an idea became one of the leading web development companies in the region. 

Helping others maximize business opportunities available through the Internet is something that Smith and Cole have developed into a special talent. Over the past 15 years their business, Delmarva Digital, has become one of the leading developers of web sites and business management software in the region. According to Smith, the most important element in Internet success is for the business to assess its presence and take advantage of what the Internet has to offer to enhance revenue potential. 

“There are two primary ways that a business can use the internet to generate cash flow,” he said. “The first way is for your web site to be seen in the right place at the right time when your potential customer is interested in the products or services that you provide. The second way, and equally as important, is to use the web to increase the amount of business that you are doing with your existing customers.” 

This represents some of the key expertise that Delmarva Digital possesses in both these areas that sets it apart. The firm has developed web sites for hundreds of small businesses, international organizations and corporations up to $500 million in size. “Our clients also encompass a large number of non-profit and government organizations including city governments, county and state government organizations, and the Delaware State House of Representatives,” Smith said. 

Smith said taking advantage of digital technological advances in recent years has enabled Delmarva Digital to offer “Point of Purchase” programs that can literally increase a business’ cash flow almost immediately. “Imagine a restaurant manager who might experience a slow evening and then decides to send a text blast to over 1,000 of his or her best customers’ cell phones promoting a one-night only special,” he said. “A slow day turns into a very busy night at the touch of a button on the administration panel of his web site. Literally, you push a button on your web site, and the cash register can start ringing within an hour.” 

This is only one example of Delmarva Digital’s web-based tools which are proven to create cash flow. Delmarva Digital’s physical “Point of Purchase” programs also make it easy to gather customer information to build a business’ own list. “Now business owners can be much less dependent on advertising expenditures to get the word out, and at the same time, have more control of cash flow,” Smith said. 

The Delmarva Digital office in the LaurelTowne complex, in Laurel, includes the infrastructure that is needed to host for web sites and web-based business and government platforms. Small businesses make up much of Delmarva Digital’s client base. However, its customers also include the state of Delaware, New Castle County, the Delaware State House of Representatives, most of the municipalities in western Sussex County, foundations, non-profit organizations and large corporations in the mid-Atlantic region. 

Delmarva Digital’s Customized Content Management System (CCMS), makes updating a businesses’ site quick and easy. “Our update screens are so simple and intuitive, that training is rarely needed. Delmarva Digital can build very easy to use tools so that anyone on your team can quickly update your content, because when it comes to content management tools, one size doesn’t fit all,” he said. 

Getting the most for your money when it comes to Internet search engines is something that Delmarva Digital believes is extraordinarily important to any business that relies on Internet positioning for sales. For this reason, Smith said the firm uses an advanced methodology to ensure a positive return on investment. This is an area in which Delmarva Digital’s “Search Emerge” makes a difference. “Search Emerge is our proprietary search engine optimization process,” Smith said. “It allows your site to be seen without repeatedly draining your bank account on cost per click advertising. This process has been developed over the last decade and has been getting great results over the last two years since its launch.” He said a case study is available to view at delmarvadigital.com, which documents a customer’s experience getting more than a 100 to 1 return on investment for its search emerge package implementation. 

Having the ability to access customer information and conduct business transactions, even when away from the office, is a resource that Delmarva Digital knows is an important plus for any business. Delmarva Digital can build customized software into a businesses’ web site, accessible through a secure login, to help manage business more efficiently and effectively. This, Smith says, keeps business opportunities even more available at a moment’s notice. “A business owner or representative can have access to customer information when he or she is away from the office, and safely and securely transfer documents between them and their clients. This can be done from anywhere, to anywhere, in the world.” He said this technology also enables the set up and login capabilities for clients, including name and password, in less than a couple of minutes. 

Bringing convenience and efficiency into daily operations is something that Delmarva Digital has placed a focus on when finding innovative ways to support its clients. This is where Smith says the company’s iPhone, iPad, and Droid application development for small businesses and large companies comes into play. “Now you can run and track your business from anywhere with a wireless iPad app connected to your web site,” he said. For example, if you needed to check a blueprint or an electrical diagram, you can do it directly from your iPad. This saves time and increases profitability and efficiency with no more paperwork to lug around.” 

He says this technology allows project managers, and service technicians to rapidly collect information, and transmit the data from job site to office, where it can be converted into client documents. This gives a company’s mobile workers instant access to schedules, contacts, email, and other business resources,” Smith said. “With ‘FaceTime’, you can video conference with team members in real time. At Delmarva Digital we can create custom solutions that are built in to the secure area of your web site.” 

When it comes to E-Commerce solutions, Delmarva Digital is on the cutting edge as well. Powerful and affordable Delmarva Digital Online Store Systems are easy to use, easy to manage, and give efficient and effective control of eCommerce business. Delmarva Digital specializes in helping clients determine which tools they will need to accomplish business objectives. Once objectives are determined, Delmarva Digital combines enhanced design with a customized shopping system and database for each web site, because “one size doesn’t fit all.” 

Smith said companies can do more business and stand out among competitive sites, by improving their image and branding with a professional web site, and this is where Delmarva Digital can come in. “The right combination web site design and functionality will make your customers want to spend more time in your online store, increase your sales, and make referrals to others more likely,” Smith said. These enhanced shopping features result in increased conversion from ‘looking’ to ‘buying,’ and allows the company to receive unparalleled client support.” 

In 2010, Tim Smith and Alan Cole were named the Laurel Chamber of Commerce’s “Businesspersons of the Year.” In tribute to the pair and their entrepreneurial spirit, Delaware’s United States Congressman Michael Castle recognized Smith and Cole in a statement on the floor of the United States House of Representatives on Nov. 17, 2010. 

“Madame Speaker, it is with great pleasure that I rise today to recognize two innovative Delaware entrepreneurs, Tim Smith and Alan Cole, of Delmarva Digital, a leading web application software company based in Laurel, Delaware and serving the Mid-Atlantic Region... I am proud to join the Laurel Chamber of Commerce in recognizing exceptional Delaware entrepreneurs like Tim Smith and Alan Cole. I thank them for their hard work in business and for their dedication to their community.” 

Today, the Delmarva Digital facility features relaxing views of scenic Broad Creek in the Laurel downtown river-front area. The firm’s team consists of a project management and software engineering group, programmers, graphic designers, business development consultants, content writers, and the support group Smith said community is an important part of how Delmarva Digital does business. “Our community includes our team and families, and our clients and friends.” 

Note: A strategic web site business analysis from Delmarva Digital includes a review of your business process, marketing efforts and company goals. Call now to find out how your company can use the internet more effectively to generate cash flow. Mention this article and receive a professional consultation at no cost.

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