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October 31, 2011

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Dr. Aaron Green and the staff at Access Quality Heathcare are committed to providing high quality care in the field of occupational medicine. The care provided by Access Quality Healthcare, including wellness programs, helps employers cut costs and therefore become more competitive.

Access Quality Heathcare treats work-related injuries and non life-threatening emergencies, providing access to Lab and Diagnotic Imaging and occupational medicine expertise and services.

“Every workplace injury could have been prevented,” said Dr. Green. “My job is to look and see what could have been done differently. What went wrong with the system? I have to understand the work processes, how the plant operates, so I can figure that out.”

Dr. Green’s practice, Access Quality Health Care, is located in Millsboro. In addition to occupational medicine, Dr. Green also provides people who are planning to travel abroad with whatever immunizations they need.

His wife, Dr. Vonda Green, a family practitioner, is a partner in the practice. 

Dr. Green opened his practice in January 2008 after deciding that occupational medicine was something that he would enjoy. “I was an emergency room doctor and was asked to cover for an occupational physician in Milford,” he said. “I really liked the idea of seeing well people and helping them stay in the workplace, and seeing people working hard to get better to they can get back in the workplace.”


A varied education


Dr. Green, 54, graduated from Skyline High School in Oakland, Calif., in 1975. He attended the California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in Pomona, studying engineering, then went to the Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Ala., where he graduated in 1980 with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering. 

He did graduate work in engineering at Tuskegee, then went to the College of Medicine at Howard University in Washington, D.C., where he graduated with a degree in medicine in 1989. He completed a residency in internal medicine at Franklin Square Medical Center in Baltimore.

He studied at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, where he obtained a master’s degree in public health. After deciding that he wanted to specialize in occupational medicine, he did his residency in that field at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, finishing in 2001.

Dr. Green, who lives in Camden-Wyoming, is the corporate medical director of employee health for the Nemours Foundation in Wilmington. In addition, he serves on the medical staffs of Beebe Medical Center, Bayhealth Medical Center and the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington. 


Helping travelers and employees 


Dr. Green said that helping travelers prepare for trips abroad accounts for about a quarter of his practice’s work. Many of those travelers are referred to him by their primary care physicians, he said. Others get his name from the Centers for Disease Control website, which lists Access Quality as a place where inoculations are available.

Dr. Green said that he stays connected to the CDC, getting weekly updates on what immunizations are required for travel to all the countries of the world. He also keeps his storeroom stocked with vaccines for typhoid, for example, hepatitis and yellow fever.

“We see all kinds of people, from missionaries to government workers,” he said. 

The bulk of Dr. Green’s practice, though, is taken up with occupational medicine. “We help employers with their employees’ health needs,” he said. 

Access Quality bridges the gap between what employees need to stay healthy and on the rolls and what their family practitioners can provide. It has about 80 clients, including nursing homes, poultry processing plants, hotels and grocery stores.

Dr. Green’s services start with pre-employment health examinations and drug testing. He also provides continuing drug testing for employees, in his facility as well as at the workplace.

His practice can handle minor emergencies that occur in the workplace. “We take care of lacerations, broken bones and foreign bodies in the eye” for example, he said. “Anything we can’t handle we will refer to the appropriate doctor,” he said.

For employees who are injured so badly that they have to take time off work, Dr. Green can manage their health cases according to Workers Compensation guidelines established by the state of Delaware. His practice is certified by the state to take care of such cases.

Dr. Green does presentations in the workplace on ways to prevent injuries and on the importance of putting safety first. He also helps management arrange machinery and equipment in the facility and organize its processes in ways to best avoid injuries. 

Dr. Green’s services don’t stop there. He will do workplace wellness programs and training.

“I can look at the clinical data of your employees and see what trends there are,” he said. Those health trends might include heart problems, for example, or high blood pressure.

Once he identifies the trends, he can design a program for risk assessment for employees, which may include checking their blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Then, he can recommend how they can reduce or eliminate those health risks.

Access Quality also takes care of patients who have been injured in car accidents, including working with insurance companies. “We are used to the paper work and have the process in place to take care of it.” 

Also, the practice provides wellness checks for students who want to participate in school athletics. 

Dr. Green said that he finds his work to be very satisfying. The work that he does with employers, including managing Workers Compensation cases and helping employees to be healthier, means that those employers can more easily compete in the global marketplace, he said. 

“What we do means that employers can cut their costs,” he added. “Overall, that makes Delaware more competitive.”

Dr. Green also enjoys working with patients. “I really like the wellness part,” he said. “I like to help people be proactive in taking care of themselves.”



For your information

Access Quality Health Care is located at 32040 Long Neck Road, Millsboro. For details, call 947-4437 or visit

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