Peninsula offers customers top-notch services

June 1, 2018

There are many reasons to use a local, family-owned business. Whether you are looking for a more personal experience or simply someone who understands the needs of the community you live in, it’s worth looking into your local companies. On Delmarva, that company is Peninsula.  

Peninsula was founded in 1935 by J. Emory Willey. Though it has expanded and refined its services in the last 83 years, including heating, cooling, and plumbing services, its main focus lies is its energy product line: heating oil and propane.

When they first opened their doors in Blades – next door from where they operate from today – many people were moving into the area to work for the DuPont Plant, as well as making the switch from coal to heating oil. In the ‘90s, another switch began as some turned to propane for its versatility, so Peninsula made sure to offer this service as well. 

Even today, they continue to grow to better cater to their customers’ needs. Recently, they became a factory-authorized Carrier dealer, which makes some of the most efficient air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps on the market. 

This status allows for more training opportunities for their technicians, and a well-trained technician is a great asset to any consumer. In order to create a more seamless business experience, they’ve also made some enhancements to their portal for customers who want to view their account and make payments online. 

Now, the company is run by J. Emory’s great-grandson, John Willey. He feels that the company’s success over four generations can be attributed to how much their employees care for the customers. “They will get up in the middle of the night to go out on Christmas morning if someone’s without heat,” John said. “They’ll go out and get them fixed up, and they love to do it. It gives them a great deal of satisfaction when they leave and everything is fixed. It’s very rewarding I think for many of them.” 

This is a different kind of treatment than you may receive from a larger corporation. “We’re local,” John continued. “We live in the towns that our customers live in, and we know what it’s like when something at our house doesn’t work. It’s frustrating, and that’s why we’re here – to get that fixed for our customers.” 

There are always other companies that provide the same services that a small company does, but that doesn’t mean it is done in the same way. John believes many of their customers choose to do business with local, family-owned businesses to receive that personal and caring touch, which is reiterated on their website:

“At Peninsula, we don’t just deliver propane heat, oil heat, or alternative heating fuels to your home. We build long-standing reputations of respect and trust, home by home, family by family. And we’re proud of that!”

And they are grateful to their customers. Every year, they hold a Customer Appreciation Day to show that they care. The next event is in October and will include vendors with informational items, refreshments, and a customer favorite: grill tank refills. 

Whether you are looking for trained professionals or a family-atmosphere from your heating company… well, why choose just one?

For more information, visit or call 302-629-3001. 

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