Georgetown provides ideal setting for Harrison House

August 17, 2017

It is said that Georgetown is 16 miles from anywhere. Often referred to as the Dixie of Delaware for its warmth and unrushed way of life, it is situated in the heart of Sussex County. In the 1700’s, Georgetown was actually known as Pettyjohn’s Old Field. Its central location had farmers, merchants, and politicians alike coming to the conclusion that it was the perfect place to conduct business. They had been frustrated by the distance of Lewes, which was then the County Seat. Lewes had been established much earlier in 1631 by the Dutch colonists before there were any other settlements. After numerous petitions, it was determined that there was nowhere else that would be more convenient for all, and the County Seat was moved to Pettyjohn’s Old Field, which later became known as Georgetown.

While the name of the town may have changed, the charming way of life and ideal location have not. This is exactly why the Harrisons decided there could not be a better location to establish a new facility. The Harrisons had already established successful nursing facilities in Christiana, Penn. and Snow Hill, Md. that had gained the reputation for providing the highest level of care possible.

Their reputation was so strong that the Sussex County Commissioner and former Mayor of Georgetown approached the Harrisons and requested that they open a facility in their community. It didn’t take the Harrisons long to decide that the proposal was ideal. Georgetown has always been moments away from most populous centers in Sussex County and it also is just as close to three acute care providers: Beebe, Milford and Nanticoke.

Harrison House of Georgetown was established in 1984 just off of the DuPont Highway and it provides residents with skilled nursing care, rehabilitation services, and memory care. Recently, the facility took on a three million dollar expansion to provide residents a dedicated rehabilitation wing. The wing is unlike any other in the area. There are eight private rooms that offer hotel-like accommodations. Rooms are brightly lit and tranquil with high end finishes that reflect both beach and farming characteristics of the area. An expansive reading room allows residents to relax when they’re not receiving therapy and a private dining room, with its own specialized menu, make residents feel as though they’re at a resort. And because everyone in the wing is there for rehabilitation services, there are common goals and challenges among the residents.

Theresa Sempepos, a current resident says, “There is no place like Harrison House of Georgetown and I’ve been around. I feel like I am part of a family here and when you are away from your home that is what is important.”

Residents receive their therapy from highly trained and licensed occupational, speech, and physical therapists in a state-of-the-art gymnasium. Therapy ranges from residents recovering from orthopedic surgery to stroke and cardiac arrest patients. But whether an individual requires intensive short-term rehabilitation or extensive long-tern care, their team of therapists create a personalized treatment plan that ensures they can build up enough stamina to safely go home and perform everyday functions.

In fact, the rehab center features spaces that replicate the home environment for such re-acclimation. Each and every therapist is committed to helping their residents become physically, socially, and emotionally independent. Maxine Baker, a resident receiving treatment says, “The staff are very friendly, respectful, knowledgeable, and caring. They make me feel like I can do anything they ask of me.”

Ann Funds, the Director of Nursing for Harrison House of Georgetown, says that if there is one word to describe the gym it would be spacious. She says that by having a gym of this size they can do a lot of innovative therapy, such as VitalStim®. VitalStim® offers extremely effective therapy for patients having a hard time swallowing.

The gym also features an Activities of Daily Living suite. This suite contains a bedroom, a full bath, a kitchen, and a washer and dryer so residents can practice daily living. Littleton Dryden and his wife both received therapy at Harrison House of Georgetown and they say they could not be more pleased. He says, “The therapy is something people need to see. It is second to none.”

Residents aren’t the only ones who notice Harrison House of Georgetown standing out. Harrison House pursues tight relationships with area hospitals and is very closely aligned with Beebe Healthcare. In fact, regular meetings are held with the Beebe team to ensure Harrison House’s care statistics are in alignment with the highest standards.

It is well known that Harrison House has some of the shortest lengths of stay and the lowest likelihood of readmission. Harrison Saunders, CEO, says, “I believe one of the greatest strengths of this facility is the relationships they’ve built with industry partners.”





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