Paradise Energy Solutions can help reduce monthly electric bill

February 1, 2017

ass="p2">Would reducing or eliminating your electric bill help the bottom line of your business or be better for your family budget? If the sun is shining, you could be making your own energy with solar panels from Paradise Energy Solutions. There is no charge to find out whether your home or business is a suitable location.

“Usually a solar panel system pays for itself in as little as four or five years for businesses and farms,” said Warren Miller, regional sales manager and solar consultant. “You can expect an annual return on investment of 10 to 20 percent.”

There are many financial incentives to help pay for such systems, including a federal tax credit which allows a dollar-for-dollar tax credit of 30 percent of the cost. 

For rural farms and businesses, the USDA Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP) can save up to 25 percent off the total installation cost of a solar system. 

Additionally, solar system owners in Delaware earn Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) which generate income for the owner. Every time your solar system produces 1,000 kwh, you earn one energy credit. “The utility companies are required to purchase these credits,” said Miller.

There is no bank of batteries. Everything is tied into the power company grid. When your system produces more than you can use, the extra energy flows into the grid and you get a credit.

If the thought of all that paperwork is daunting, don’t worry. Paradise Energy Solutions handles all the permits, applies for all the grants, and does all the engineering and project development.

“If someone is interested, we go to the site, take measurements, suggest where panels should go, look at their energy consumption and size the system to cover all their energy needs in a one-year period,” Miller explained. “We create a customized plan just for you, absolutely free of charge.”

Systems can be located on a roof or on the ground, depending on what is more advantageous, he added. Sometimes putting panels on the ground is required for correct orientation and tilt. It all depends on what makes the most sense for the customer.

“Once we figure all that out, we provide a turnkey solution. We do the paperwork, installation, maintenance and monitoring,” said Miller.

Actually, there is very little maintenance involved. “We ask the customer not to do anything. Rain cleans the panels sufficiently. We monitor them, and if something stops working, we will come out and fix it.”

Miller added that Paradise Energy Solutions guarantees both workmanship and performance of every solar electric system it installs. “Our 10-Year workmanship warranty covers all parts and labor, plus the cost of removing, shipping and re-installing, or replacing the defective part,” said Miller. 

“Our 10-Year performance guarantee goes beyond estimations and puts our money behind our word. We guarantee it! If your solar electric system does not produce what we say it will, we will pay the difference at your current electric rate.”

Paradise Energy Solutions was founded in Paradise, Pa., in 2009 by four brothers in the Beiler family. Their goal was to help farmers — and others — reduce their energy costs with photovoltaic solar systems. 

Paradise has since grown to more than 70 employees in seven states, installing more than 600 solar systems in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Ohio as of September 2016. 

“Our company values are faith, integrity, innovation, teamwork and stewardship,” said Miller. “We really use those values to guide everything we do, from who we hire, to who we work with, to how we make decisions throughout the day – they are our guiding principles.”

Miller concluded, “It is environmentally and socially friendly to go solar. Solar is green in many ways — for the environment and for putting money back in your pocket.”

Typically, it takes about 90 days from the time a customer decides to move forward to installation. It all starts with a phone call, 877-851-9269, or a visit to the company website at

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