Beebe Healthcare to expand and modernize Medical Center in Lewes

$200 million project will help meet needs of growing population
February 3, 2016
 Delaware has the fifth-highest net migration rate in the nation for persons aged between 55 to 74 years of age, the state reports. Sussex County is also the state’s fastest-growing county in terms of older persons.

To meet the needs of this growing and aging population, as well as the growth in the population of young families, Beebe Healthcare plans to expand the size and services of its Medical Center in Lewes.

A two-phase project, estimated to cost nearly $200 million, will include the construction of a five-story addition to allow the Medical Center to have a total of 233 private rooms.  Other project specifics include demolishing older sections of the Medical Center to allow for new and expanded operating rooms, heart procedure areas, and 200 more parking spaces.

“The blue-and-glass façade will reflect Beebe’s connection to the sea, as well as represent the sophisticated and modern facility we have become,” said Jeffrey M. Fried, FACHE, President and CEO of Beebe Healthcare.

Beebe was established in 1916 within eyesight of where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. Its clinical teams have treated visitors and seagoing travelers, as well as local residents, for many decades.

“We had considered the feasibility of replacing the Medical Center with a new facility to be built at the Beebe Health Campus outpatient location a few miles away in Rehoboth Beach,” said Rick Schaffner, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “We decided that such a project would be cost prohibitive as existing infrastructure and the many modern medical technologies added at the Lewes campus in recent years would have to be replaced.”

Instead, Beebe will continue to improve inpatient, surgical, women’s health, and emergency services in Lewes, while it expands and improves outpatient programs at its convenient locations in Rehoboth Beach, Georgetown, Long Neck, Millsboro, Millville, and Milton. 

Existing outpatient programs include: Tunnell Cancer Center, Cardiac Rehabilitation, and the Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease at Beebe’s Rehoboth Beach campus and Beebe HealthyBack at the campus in Georgetown. Beebe also offers Physical Rehabilitation, Lab and Diagnostic Imaging outpatient services at locations throughout southern Delaware.

Once the Lewes campus project is completed, the Medical Center will have 237 licensed beds. Today, Beebe is licensed for 210 beds. The project, which will be presented to the Board of Adjustment for review before it can be heard by the full City Council, also includes improved traffic flow elements that are sensitive to the surrounding neighborhood streets of historic Lewes.  In keeping with the historic nature of the community and of Beebe’s historic connection to it, part of the early 20th-century façade of the first hospital will be incorporated into the overall design.

Once the project is approved, Beebe’s clinical team will take an active part in the design of patient and medical procedure areas. The construction project is anticipated to begin by 2019.

“This expansion of the Medical Center, as well as our continued focus on expanding and improving our outpatient services throughout southern Delaware, reflects our vision for the future to help create a healthier Sussex County,” Mr. Fried said.


Beebe Healthcare Walk-In Care at the Route 24 Beebe Health Campus in Rehoboth Beach opens this month.  There is plenty of parking and the location is less than one mile west of Route 1.  

This Walk-In Care location will be open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Also housed in this single-story building are: Beebe Physical Rehabilitation Services, Beebe Imaging, Beebe Lab Express, and the Beebe Outpatient Surgery Center. Also located on the Beebe Health Campus are Beebe’s Tunnell Cancer Center and the Medical Arts Building.

Beebe Walk-In Care allows patients to receive non-emergency and immediate care at a more affordable price. Examples of the illnesses and health problems that are appropriate for treatment in Walk-In Care include: upper respiratory infections; Bronchitis; Laryngitis; Strep throat/sore throat; allergies; cough, cold, flu; sinus infections; ear infections; Swimmer’s ear; minor eye infections;  pink eye, stye and abrasions; bladder infections; sprains and strains; minor burns, cuts and simple lacerations; uncomplicated neck and back pain; incision and drainage and simple splinting.

Patients who have visited Beebe Walk-In Care locations can have their physicians obtain copies of their medical record from their walk-in experience. In addition, Beebe physicians can access their patients’ records through the electronic medical record system. 

The Rehoboth Walk-In Care will join these three existing Beebe Walk-In Care locations:

• Georgetown Walk-In Care – located at 21635 Biden Avenue (Rt. 404/18 just west of Rt. 113). It is in the same building with Beebe outpatient services including Beebe Imaging, Beebe Lab Express, Beebe Physical Rehabilitation and Beebe HealthyBack. For more information on Georgetown, call (302) 856-9729.

• Millsboro Walk-In Care – located at 28538 DuPont Boulevard (Route 113). The location also houses Beebe Imaging and Beebe Lab Express. For more information on Millsboro, call (302) 934-5052.

• Millville Walk-In Care – located in the Creekside Plaza on Route 26, (about five miles west of Route 1). It is located in the same complex with Beebe Imaging, Beebe Lab Express and Beebe Physical Rehabilitation (which offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language pathology). For more information on Millville, call (302) 541-4175.

In the event of a life-threatening illness or accident, please call 911. This will allow the patient to receive immediate, emergency treatment by emergency responders and to be taken to the nearest suitable hospital emergency room.

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