Redefining knee replacement surgery at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital

December 1, 2015

Dr. Pasquale Petrera, Orthopedic Surgeon, will tell you the Exactech GPS ® Guided Personalized Surgery for total knee replacement surgery is the way to go. Dr. Petrera is now performing this surgery at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital, treating more than 100 patients in Seaford to date.   

Exactech GPS® is the latest advancement in technology that provides surgeons with real-time guidance and alignment data during surgery. Similar to a navigation device in your car, this advanced surgery platform provides a visual map of the patient’s joint on a screen, allowing the surgeon to easily make adjustments, use minimally invasive techniques and perform implant alignment according to the individual patient’s needs.  

When it comes to knee replacement, accurate alignment of the implant is critical to the overall longevity and function of the knee. Traditionally, surgeons use pre-operative X-rays, instrumentation and special techniques to plan the surgery and calculate the fit and positioning of the total knee implant.While this has worked well for years, Exactech GPS® was developed to assist surgeons increase precision and has been shown to be accurate with less than one degree of variability.



During total joint replacement surgery, the infrared camera and active tracker technology work together within the sterile field of the operating room to monitor the position and mechanical alignment of the joint replacement. 

With a few simple trackers placed on the patient’s bone, the system sends data about the patient’s anatomical structure and joint movements to the computer.  

The computer analyzes the information gathered and displays it onto the display screen in a graphical format with the calculated key measurements. The images on the screen allow the surgeon to decide where to remove bone and appropriately place the implant. 



• It allows your surgeon to make adjustments to ensure accurate and precise placement of the knee implant, based on the patient’s unique anatomy. 

• It provides surgeons with a comprehensive view of the knee joint and bone structure, including key points which are normally difficult to view during knee surgery.  

• Patients having this type of knee surgery often experience less blood in the knee which results in less pain and a quicker recovery time.  



All the orthopedic surgeons at Nanticoke, including Dr. Petrera, will also tell you that having this procedure done at Nanticoke is a good choice.  Because of the significant pre and post-surgery education and support provided through The Joint Camp, many patients experience early mobility, often recovering faster than those who have not gone through this type of program.   

So what exactly is Joint Camp?  The Joint Camp at Nanticoke actually begins prior to your surgery with a pre-operative class. During this free patient education class you are given all the information you need to prepare for surgery, exercises to help you recover faster after surgery, and you meet many of the people who will be providing your care while you are in the hospital. You should bring your “coach” with you to the class. Your “coach” is a member of your family or your support person that will be helping care for you after surgery, once you return home. 

The day after surgery, and sometimes the afternoon of surgery, you will begin group therapy. Group therapy involves exercises, “mini-competitions” and other fun activities to help get you moving again. By doing therapy in a group setting, patients build friendships and have additional moral support from others also having surgery. Often, a little competition between patients arises and pushes patients to get moving more quickly. 

Another benefit of group therapy is that a patient’s coach gets to participate as well. This helps the coach learn and become more comfortable with the care a patient needs once he or she returns home. All rehabilitation services are provided for patients on the same floor as their patient room. 

For more information about the Orthopedic Program at Nanticoke, call 302-629-6611 x5105 or visit 


Nanticoke Health Services is an award winning hospital focused on people.  Nanticoke is the only hospital on the Delmarva Peninsula to receive a 4-Star rating for Patient Experience by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  Nanticoke is also the only hospital on the Delmarva Peninsula to currently hold an “A” rating for Patient Safety from Leapfrog Group, a national organization that measure healthcare quality.  And, Nanticoke is one of only two hospitals on the Delmarva Peninsula to be included in the 2015 Most Wired Award by HH&N and among the top 20 percent in the nation for the integration of the Electronic Medical Record.

Dr. Pasquale Petrera is an Orthopedic Surgeon with Peninsula Orthopedic Associates. Dr. Petrera does perform surgery at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Petrera, call 410-749-4154.

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