Worry-free move, care-free living

Manor House offers retirees option to move on their timetable
November 1, 2015
Molly Schubert was ready to move to Manor House to start enjoying the next chapter in her retirement. There was only one thing holding her back – the need to sell her house.
“I really didn’t want to put my house on the market and worry about all the hassles involved,” Schubert said. “It took neighbors of mine over a year and a half to sell their homes. I did not want to wait that long and go through that struggle.”
That’s when Tina Taylor, Manor House’s life care consultant, introduced Molly to Moving Station, an organization that partners with Manor House and other ACTS Retirement-Life Communities to help new residents sell their homes quickly. Through Moving Station’s Quick Buy program, Molly was able to sell her home in less than 29 days. Molly was then free to focus on transitioning to Manor House, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) located in Seaford on Middleford Road.
“Working with ACTS and Moving Station to sell my house was a wonderful process,” Schubert said. “They made it really easy for me, and the closing was simply a phone call to tell me the money had been deposited.”
According to Taylor, Moving Station’s Quick Buy program has enabled several residents to sell their homes quickly and at a fair price, avoiding the hassles and stress of trying to sell their homes in the conventional way.
“Our new residents just love this program,” Taylor said. “They have found that working with Moving Station representatives allows them to focus their energies on preparing to start this new chapter in their lives, and not on the hassles of selling their homes.”
Moving Station is a national relocation service company based in Chicago, and has served retirement communities across the United States since 1995 with relocation and home sales assistance programs. According to Suzanne Wakefield, senior vice president at Moving Station, their partnership with Manor House and other ACTS communities has been extremely effective.
“Customer service is our hallmark and that makes us very compatible with ACTS,” Wakefield said. “We work closely with the ACTS team to make the move and transition as stress-free as possible for prospects and their families.”
Manor House has been serving Delmarva’s older adults with the assurance of future health care services since 1966. Residents of Manor House enter the community when they are independent and active; when the time comes and their health needs change, long-term health services such as assisted living and skilled nursing care are available on the same campus.
Manor House is part of the ACTS Retirement-Life Communities network of 21 CCRCs in eight states, from Pennsylvania to Florida. As a not-for-profit organization, ACTS offers its residents Life Care, where long-term health care is provided on the campus without the significant increase in fees that usually accompanies the transition to an assisted living facility or nursing home.
Manor House also features the Wesley Wellness Center, serving Manor House and Western Sussex County residents with a variety of aquatic and land fitness programs designed to keep older adults active and healthy in retirement.
With the addition of Moving Station’s Quick Buy program, Manor House is able to offer its residents another way to make sure that they are able to start their life at Manor House on their timetable.
“Using Moving Station meant I didn’t have to wait, and that made all the difference in the world,” Schubert said. “I was able to move into Manor House and start living the care-free lifestyle immediately.”
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